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Mind Full of Everything is a podcast calling for revolutionary healing of self and community to outgrow our broken culture of radical individualism and disconnection from our place as interdependent beings, and collectively re-envision a safer, healthier and equitable world. Each episode takes a healing-centric approach to explore the ways in which we can collectively restore and transform our journeys as stewards of community and the Earth through conversations with writers, researchers, coaches and educators, as well as reflection episodes with the host Agrita Dandriyal on her journey navigating the world as a deeply conscious, culturally-rooted and relational being.

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May 19, 2022

Mending the multicultural healthcare divide through cultural brokership w/ Snigdha Nandipati

*NOTICE: Mind Full of Everything is on a 2-month hiatus, the next episode release will be announced via Instagram.*

In what ways can cultural brokers tend to, and mend, the Western medical divide in order to ensure healthcare in multicultural regions is culturally competent and a safe space for BIPOC patients? How can cultural brokership aid us to bring out the best of both worlds (Western and Indigenous/cultural medicine) and collectively work towards a safer, more equitable and healthier future?

Today we are joined by Snigdha Nandipati, a patient advocate, writer, and first-generation Telugu-American with a strong curiosity for the sciences and a deep appreciation for the traditions of her Hindu culture. As a former Scripps National Spelling Bee champion and Yale graduate with a B.S. in Neuroscience, Snigdha has used her study of science, language, spirituality, and culture to guide her thought leadership. She has delivered a TEDx talk exploring the intersections of science and tradition and makes her authorial debut with A Case of Culture, a book about how patients from different cultures navigate the challenges of Western medicine. Snigdha and Agrita delve deeper into what inclusive cultural brokership can look like in Western healthcare, one which grants enough space and resources for cultural brokers, both within and outside the medical profession, to provide specialised care to BIPOC patients, especially those struggling to navigate practices foreign to them i.e immigrant patients.

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April 20, 2022

Burnout healing through disembodying capitalism w/ Laura Hartley

How can we begin to disembody the system of capitalism as individuals and communities after having been collectively entrapped in generational cycles of constant growth and burnout? In what ways can we listen, and attend, to our body’s need for safety, rest and movement as we birth a liberated world in community?

Today we are joined by Laura Hartley, an activist, writer & founder of an online school for changemakers.  The school’s mission is to empower changemakers across the globe to live their most meaningful lives, while creating their deepest impact.  Programs can be found on healing burnout culture, ethical business & the inner work of dismantling capitalism and supremacy culture.  Laura is currently based in Sydney, Australia but can often be found around the world. In this conversation, Laura guides us through the systemic issue of burnout through the lens of capitalism, how capitalism has taken over our bodies and communities as systems and the ways in which we can disempower this oppressive system by listening to our personal/collective needs, harmonising ourselves with Nature’s cycles of growth and rest and actively challenging capitalistic conditionings.

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March 23, 2022

Non-linear living as multi-passionate beings w/ Dr Egypt Iredia

How can re-embodying the philosophy and mindset of multi-passionism aid us to preserve our fluidity, authenticity and dynamism as individuals and the collective? In what ways do these embodiment practices serve us in our collective liberation from radical structuralism and institutionalised restriction of imagination?

Today we are joined by Dr Egypt Iredia, a holistic medical doctor, naturopathic physician, multi-passionate creative, healer, poet, metaphysician, and non-linear creative. She believes that minimalism, slow living, and living a spiritual and intentional life are powerful healing forces. She believes in using all of our wonderful gifts to show up authentically in our lives. Her mission is to empower people to live calmer, connected, healthier, conscious, and creative lives. In this conversation, Agrita and Egypt delve deeper into what it means for them to live multipassionate, non-linear and creatively fluid lives, antidotal to the violence of oppressive systems on the human experience.

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February 22, 2022

Reconnecting to, and healing, the inner child w/ Tiffany Trieu (Triệu Thanh Nguyệt)

How can we relearn practices of self/community nourishment, taking up space and boundary-setting through serving the needs of our inner children? In what ways can inner child work aid us to co-create safer environments for both children and adults, as well as the relationships between both?

In this episode, we are joined by Tiffany Trieu (Triệu Thanh Nguyệt), an inner child advocate, community cultivator, and human connector. As a child of refugees, specifically of the Vietnamese diaspora in the 1970s, Tiffany has spent the last five years of her adulthood exploring how family trauma from surviving a war has shaped how she relates to herself and those around her. She believes our inside and outside worlds are much more connected than we’re given space to acknowledge. And currently loves exploring how personal and collective rituals allow us to bridge our inside to our outside, from meditative visualisations to communal celebrations.

In this open, emotional and deeply inspiring conversation, Agrita and Tiffany explore what it means to heal the inner child through embodiment practices, tending to, and balancing, our inner child and parent needs, and being there for ourselves in order to mend damaged relationships with loved ones, the wider community and place.

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January 21, 2022

Re-envisioning a free world through alchemy and nomadism w/ Vi Vi Thai

Why is the reintegration of spirituality into scientific theory and practice essential for our collective liberation from social, cultural, political, biological and economic confinements? How can the coming together of spirituality and science help us to collectively rebirth a world which is free from borders between nations, cultures, communities and species?

In this episode, we are joined by Vi Vi Thai, an author, truth seeker and healer, fearlessly determined to live in a liberated way, through the alchemical and nomadic pathway to true freedom. Vi Vi believes that we must rediscover our inner freedom, on an individual scale, to be able to collectively birth a new world which is free from institutional violence of fragmentation and division of a united Earth, within a connected Universe.

This conversation offers us the opportunity to explore nuances in our journeys to heal and attain true freedom, in order to open minds and hearts to the limitless ways of becoming your true self, rather than following a "one size fits all" healing approach.

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December 24, 2021

REFLECT | The intimacy lens to community re-building

How can we re-imagine community re-building through the intimacy lens to preserve the emotion and spiritualism in the process of reconnecting to community? In what ways can intimacy revolutionise collective healing and our current understanding of what community means?

For the final episode of this year, Agrita brings to us a Reflection episode where she shares her awakening about, and gifted opportunities to relearn, Indigenous teachings on optimising community functionality through respecting and valuing all individuals and relationships which connect together to form the system of community. Agrita emphasises the need for intimacy to be contexualised as the foundation for all relationships, not just romantic/sexual ones, to re-centre love and openness in our collective effort to re-build a culture of community and relationality.

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November 25, 2021

Revitalising connections to community and Earth with Sanjana Sekhar

What role does storytelling play in revolutionising our work to heal our current selves and natural world, as well as our future? How can we re-establish a culture of relatedness and reciprocity through reclaiming our wisdom and positions as storytellers and communicators?

We are joined today by Sanjana Sekhar, a filmmaker, climate activist, & Ayurvedic wellness communicator who uses her work in ethical filmmaking to amplify character-driven stories that heal our human relationships to ourselves, each other, and our planet, with a specific interest in socioecological justice, ancestral knowledge, and systems of re-nourishment. In this heart-warming and insightful conversation, Agrita and Sanjana explore the medicine of storytelling in relation to the ancient practice catalysing our healing work, within community and Earth, to revive lost and damaged connections to who we really are in this interconnected world.

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October 28, 2021

Unlearning colonial somatics as women of colour with Kelsey Blackwell

Living within oppressive systems, built to benefit Western colonial social structures, land and society through the racial hierarchy established by white supremacy, is a traumatising experience for people of colour, particularly those aware of what is happening to their bodies. Coupled with systemic sexism perpetuated through the gender binary, women of colour, often at very young ages, face the traumas of racial and sexual violence which can leave us feeling detached from our entire being - far from human. Where do we begin to unpack these traumas to our bodies which have left us subject to objectification and exotification as a function by the white gaze? Can tending to the disconnects in our bodies be done on colonised land?

In this episode, we are joined by Kelsey Blackwell, who uses her wisdom within the field of somatics to support women of colour in their journeys to decolonise the entirety of their being through abolitionist practices such as Interplay and Pleasure Activism. Kelsey believes that collective liberation must bring joy, and as important as it is to tend to traumas, often times passed on from generations, liberatory practices also must involve what the body finds pleasurable and comfortable.

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October 14, 2021

Season 2 Trailer

Navigating our fast evolving world as a young adult can seem extremely daunting. As we transition into adulthood, our capacities to healthily manage work-life commitments and choices, leaving us youth to question: who am I and where do I stand in this broken culture of community?

Join the host, Agrita Dandriyal, on her journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and reimagining a restored and abundant world. In each monthly episode, pertinent environmental and social issues will be discussed, with an emphasis on preserving self within community, as a step forward in collective healing and re-creation of a world that values all walks of life and all states of being, beginning with the re-adoption of our pre-colonial standpoints in the world as interconnected and relational beings.

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October 1, 2021

Finding self in a broken culture of community

We live in an interconnected world, full of beings, spaces and life that are connected through an intricate web of interdependence which sustains the health of Earth. Yet we are increasingly seeing a disconnection between humanity and the wider world, which has been exacerbated by the human-nature dualism adopted by Western and urban spaces, but this disconnection runs deeper into the flawed notion of humanity's domination of Earth and rejection of our positions in the world as relational beings. 

In this Reflection episode, Agrita explores the social crisis of community fragmentation within modern and Westernised societies, with a particular focus on the cultural divide caused by the individualism-collectivism approach for cross-cultural/national studies between/within Western and non-Western cultures. Agrita calls for a rejection of defined categories to represent individuals and society and instead emphasises the need for us to rebuild a culture of relatedness and understanding for every individual and every community to be valued.


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