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Mind Full of Everything is a podcast calling for revolutionary healing of self and community to outgrow our broken culture of radical individualism and disconnection from our place as interdependent beings, and collectively re-envision a safer, healthier and equitable world. Each episode takes a healing-centric approach to explore the ways in which we can collectively restore and transform our journeys as stewards of community and the Earth through conversations with writers, researchers, coaches and educators, as well as reflection episodes with the host Agrita Dandriyal on her journey navigating the world as a deeply conscious, culturally-rooted and relational being.

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Season 2 Trailer

October 14, 2021

Navigating our fast evolving world as a young adult can seem extremely daunting. As we transition into adulthood, our capacities to healthily manage work-life commitments and choices, leaving us youth to question: who am I and where do I stand in this broken culture of community?

Join the host, Agrita Dandriyal, on her journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and reimagining a restored and abundant world. In each monthly episode, pertinent environmental and social issues will be discussed, with an emphasis on preserving self within community, as a step forward in collective healing and re-creation of a world that values all walks of life and all states of being, beginning with the re-adoption of our pre-colonial standpoints in the world as interconnected and relational beings.

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