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Mind Full of Everything is a podcast calling for revolutionary healing of self and community to outgrow our broken culture of radical individualism and disconnection from our place as interdependent beings, and collectively re-envision a safer, healthier and equitable world. Each episode takes a healing-centric approach to explore the ways in which we can collectively restore and transform our journeys as stewards of community and the Earth through conversations with writers, researchers, coaches and educators, as well as reflection episodes with the host Agrita Dandriyal on her journey navigating the world as a deeply conscious, culturally-rooted and relational being.

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Spiritual animal wisdom with Dr Linda Bender

May 12, 2021

Mind Full of Everything is back from hiatus with this conversation on lessons learned from animal spirituality with Dr Linda Bender, an advocate and educator of animal rights protection and reconnecting conventional science to spiritualism. In this episode, Agrita and Linda discuss prominent issues associated to animal rights violations but also emphasise on the need for humans to reconnect to their spiritual selves in order to begin to value their connections to every being and entity on this planet. By unlearning colonial teachings of human dominion over nature, we can actively relearn indigenous teachings on interconnectivity of all beings to help create a safer space for everyone.

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