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Mind Full of Everything is a podcast calling for revolutionary healing of self and community to outgrow our broken culture of radical individualism and disconnection from our place as interdependent beings, and collectively re-envision a safer, healthier and equitable world. Each episode takes a healing-centric approach to explore the ways in which we can collectively restore and transform our journeys as stewards of community and the Earth through conversations with writers, researchers, coaches and educators, as well as reflection episodes with the host Agrita Dandriyal on her journey navigating the world as a deeply conscious, culturally-rooted and relational being.

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Unlearning colonial somatics as women of colour with Kelsey Blackwell

October 28, 2021

Living within oppressive systems, built to benefit Western colonial social structures, land and society through the racial hierarchy established by white supremacy, is a traumatising experience for people of colour, particularly those aware of what is happening to their bodies. Coupled with systemic sexism perpetuated through the gender binary, women of colour, often at very young ages, face the traumas of racial and sexual violence which can leave us feeling detached from our entire being - far from human. Where do we begin to unpack these traumas to our bodies which have left us subject to objectification and exotification as a function by the white gaze? Can tending to the disconnects in our bodies be done on colonised land?

In this episode, we are joined by Kelsey Blackwell, who uses her wisdom within the field of somatics to support women of colour in their journeys to decolonise the entirety of their being through abolitionist practices such as Interplay and Pleasure Activism. Kelsey believes that collective liberation must bring joy, and as important as it is to tend to traumas, often times passed on from generations, liberatory practices also must involve what the body finds pleasurable and comfortable.

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